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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Friendly staff, local people, and owners that I know personally."


"The staff is GREAT !!!"


"Great service"

"Everyone is friendly."

"Ease of doing business; friendliness of staff; confidence that meds are what they are supposed to be; good answers to questions about new medications"


"Hometown; really good people; no lines"


"Staff is great."

"Always polite and quick - You guys are the absolute best."

"They all know my name without asking."

"Friendly; still has that small, hometown feel which is something that is generally fading away rapidly; service is beyond the best I've seen!"

"They recognize me."

"Very fast refill"


"The people"

"Everyone is super nice and caring!"

"Convenient, fast, and friendly"

"Fast & friendly service!"

"The friendly people, and the efficient manner in which prescriptions are filled."


"Friendly and convenient"

"The speed that you get prescriptions ready, whether I'm there waiting after seeing a doctor, or getting a refill."

"How fast they are at getting prescriptions ready; they're awesome!"

"Super friendly and caring"

"People working there"

"The people"

"Personal service - I know you, and you know me."

"Personal people skills; always say our names with a hello; efficient; caring"

"How fast and friendly"

"Get your prescriptions in a timely manner! Always polite and courteous!"

"Local, friendly staff. I like that it's close to my provider, and that I can refill online."

"They're very helpful and friendly."


"Brenda, Paul, Bridgette, and Kaitlyn are the best!!"

"The staff"

"Love everyone who works in the pharmacy. They're always polite and treat me like a person, not a number. Thank you"

"The staff is very nice and helpful."

"Very fast and friendly"

"You get your medicine fast, so you don't have to sit around and wait for hours for it."

"Local business"

"Convenience, and friendly staff"

"The staff works so hard to get your medications filled so you can be on your way. This is especially helpful when you're not feeling well."

"Personal service; no waiting"

You can help Dickson Medical by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!